Episode 2 – “We are kood/Jõhvi” with Sander Aul and Juan Martinez

kood/Cast – get the inside scoop to the newest innovation in the Estonian education system. 🎙️

In episode 2 we are having a chat with Sander and Juan – 2 students interviewing 2 students! They talk about their background before kood/Jõhvi working on different small jobs, the road to the application process, the Selection Sprint experience, and the school life. They reminisce about one of their best summers during the 3-week Sprint, life and activities at school, holding everyday motivation. A great listen for everyone who wants to know how kood/Jõhvi works and feels from the first Online Test until the start of school. The podcast is aimed for people who are already a part of kood/Jõhvi, wanting to be a part or just want to listen to something fun. Have a look/listen!


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