Last post, we highlighted the kood/concepts. However, it takes people to bring it to life. If you’re considering the program and have said ‘yes’ to the concepts so far, you should also be ready to play your part.

Say yes to making mistakes and starting over.

kood/ teaches you to learn from mistakes, be motivated by frustration, and have the courage to start over. kood/ is not demanding speed or perfection. Forget the concept of only-one-right-answer. In the nature of open source inspiration, say yes to ‘reinventing the wheel’ a hundred times, making mistakes and repeating ourselves, until we discover something even cooler!

Say yes to creative solutions

Coding is like building with blocks. You have an existing library of them, but the way you can put them together is limitless! Naturally, there are those who have discovered a ‘way’ of doing something and the phrases ‘why are you doing it like that’ or ‘that won’t work’ will be spoken — habits of ‘the easy way’ won’t melt away so quickly. We’re here to learn the phrase, ‘that’s a different way of doing that, let’s figure how to make it work’!

Coding on a laptop. Working on tasks.
Working on tasks

Say yes to internal motivation.

kood/ is a lot more than building technical skills. It’s about community, continuous self-improvement as a person, and creating value. When you’re struggling, will you have the humility to ask for help a hundred times? When conditions leave you with no help, will you grow cynical or go looking for people like yourself, so they don’t have to figure things out alone? After a job well done, will you rush ahead to the next quest or find people to mentor? When the study rooms grow deserted, will you try to make your own dorm room comfier or drag people out of their caves? Will you do minimum work or will you cram in as many bonuses and learning opportunities as you can?

It’s really up to you! We’re all colleagues here and no-one is pushing you to take any kind of initiative. Our collective experience is only shaped by our own hands. Without management, our environment mirrors our own behavior. So, let’s create a community we want to be part of!

Football competition winners
Soccer tournament between the students

Post Scriptum

At the end of the day, kood/ is what you make of it. We’re not just crowdsourcing learning, but we’re also crowdsourcing the kood/ experience itself! It’s a continuous process to create the perfect ecosystem depending on the chemistry of the many unique people who come on board. Because that’s what kood/ is.

by Anna-Maria Ninnas