Meet Merilin Võrk 🚀

Merilin is a 22-year old who just finished her bachelor’s degree in informatics. 💻 After completing her degree she felt like the theoretical background was really good but she lacked practical knowledge. Because a future in tech seems appealing to Merilin then she came to kood/Jõhvi to go more in-depth into IT. So far she has an advantage thanks to her background but it doesn’t come in as handy as it would seem.

During the Selection Sprint, Merilin says that “the level of programming is equivalent to what you learn in 1 year in university.” That means that it is hard 💪 and challenging – 2 adjectives that make the program so appealing. She likes facing challenges and trying to overcome them however hard they are.

When in a rut, Merilin finds help from people that surround her, they’re always ready to come and help if you only ask. This is also something that Merilin has learned so far – the benefits of working together, teaching each other🧑‍🏫, and discussing different subjects.💬

Also, a thing that Merilin enjoys is the overall life here at Sillamäe. So far she has gone for a morning run 🏃 and swim 🏊 every day since the start of the Sprint. “I really enjoy the kind of active vacation we have here at Sillamäe. It is not limited to just coding behind the computer for 3 weeks: you have all the opportunities to manage your own time and space as much as you want.” 

After the Selection Sprint Merilin wants to come study 📚 and take part in the program that kood/Jõhvi offers. She enjoys the methods, initiative, and ideas that kood/Jõhvi represents and feels like this is the place for her. Merilin hopes to focus more on combining her creative skills 🖌️ with programming during the 2 years.