Start your IT career

The 2-year program at our unique coding school is based on independent and project-based learning.

By the end of the program you will be ready to get a job at your dream company. The program is designed for creative and motivated individuals who are ready to commit to a full-time 2-year study. You will follow the 01 Education System curriculum to develop the most valuable skills for the IT industry.


You will be a full stack web developer who gets an additional 6 months of experience in a specific field.

Selection Sprint

The intense Selection Sprint will teach you as much as one year in university will.

Preparation month

18 month

Final specialization

Artificial intelligence, Video games, Blockchain, Cyber security & DevOps Mobile and web application development

6 month

Global curriculum

The 18 months of coding are the basis on which everything else is built on. After these 18 months you will be able to code in multiple coding languages.

Подготовительный месяц

Отборочный спринт

Объем знаний, который ты получишь за время интенсивного отборочного спринта, равноценен году в университете.

18 месяцев

Глобальная учебная программа

18 месяцев программирования – это основа, на которой построено все остальное. Через 18 месяцев ты сможешь писать код на нескольких языках программирования.

6 месяцев

Конечная специализация

Искусственный интеллект, видеоигры, блокчейн, кибербезопасность, а также методология DevOps при разработке мобильных и веб-приложений

What is it like to study at kood/Jõhvi?

Our pedagogy develops successful entrepreneurship, creativity and collective intelligence

100% practical and project based

No teachers, students work collaboratively

Learn to solve problems, not specific coding languages

Gamified learning experience

No courses. Only projects with levels of increasing difficulty

Each student progress at their own pace during the 2-year curriculum

Industry relevant and always evolving curriculum

Coding competence comparable to qualified engineers

What skills will you learn

Throughout the program, you keep on learning and developing.

We have highlighted the top 16 skills that you will gain through the program. Of course, there’s plenty more to be learnt throughout the two years.


Learn about the operating systems behind the majority of servers in production today.


Discover the paradigm of statements and the “how” behind programs


Learn to work in a team. Identify your strengths and those of others to create the best outcome.


Challenge your imagination and develop your own unique problem- solving skills.


Gather and share ideas with others and create manageable environments for the future.


Build and maintain systems and create the connections between hardware, software, and other things.


Create new experiences, recreate existing platforms, sites and applications to better understand them.


Discover abstraction, programming with actions and data, how to simplify and make code efficient


Learn how the storage analysis of data, as well as its application are the foundation and future of technology.


Take command with calculations, patterns and rules to conquer unsolved problems.


Defend your systems, networks and workstations to ensure the safety of your servers, data and users.

functional Programming

Where mathematics and programming meet to create functions for advanced computation.


Light up those pixels and use mathematics to create simulations, visualizations and games.


Combine networking with programming to process large data sets and unleash connected computing power.


Gain skills from partner’s projects and share your new found knowledge with the community.


Create new solutions for a diversity of real-world problems by bending technology to your will and applying it.

What happens after kood/Jõhvi?

Your future is in your hands

Throughout the program, we will provide you with many opportunities to network with key people from our diverse partner community, who are all interested in hiring the best talents.

You will also be able to carry out many group projects together with the companies in our network, giving you great insights into different industries. Starting from the finance sector or construction and finishing with Estonian unicorns or various other startups.

Future career possibilities


Back End Developer

E-Commerce consultant

Front-End Developer

Information Architect

Interactive Designer

Mobile Application Developer

New Media Specialist

SEO Specialist

SEO Consultant

User Experience Designer

User Interface Designer

Web Content Manager

Web Designer

Web Developer



Lead Software Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Manager

Software Architect

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software Release Manager

Software Tester


3D Animator

3D Developer

3D Modeler

Character Designer

AR Developer

VR Developer

Video Games

Game Designer

Game Developer

Game Director

Game Producer

Game Programmer

Game Tester

Level Designer

Technical Artist


Business Intelligence Analyst

Blockchain Specialist

Data Analyst

Data Architect

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Data Warehouse Specialist

EDI System Analyst

Statistical Programmer

Cyber Security

Computer Forensics Investigator

Cybersecurity Strategist

Cryptography Specialist

Ethical Hacker

Privacy Specialist

Security Administrator

Security Analyst


Algorithm Developer

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Computer Vision Engineer

Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning Engineer

Neural Network Specialist


Dev Ops

Database Administrator

Enterprise Architect

IT Operations Analyst

System Administrator

System Analyst

System Architect

System Engineer


Computer Hardware Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Interaction Designer

Semiconductor Process Engineer


Network Administrator

Network Analyst

Network Architect

Network Designer

Network Engineer

Network Manager

Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Specialist


Cloud Infrastructure Specialist


IT Instructor

Professional Gamer

Project Manager

Product Manager