Applications are open! This means that it’s a good time to go over the application process to kood/Jõhvi. Let’s go! 👇


Everyone who is over the age of 18, has at least basic education and knowledge of English, qualifies to apply to the school. The school offers a 2-year program for no tuition fees and requires no previous knowledge of coding. 

That’s it. As easy as that. Come to kood/Jõhvi and learn the skills of the future.

First things first – the Online Test

Press the “apply now” button which grants you access to the 01Edu platform (available from 01.02.22). From there, read through the introduction text and create your account. After all of this, you are ready to start your Online Test. 🏁

What is the Online Test? – a two-part game that challenges your memory and logical thinking. The Test is 1,5 hours long and you have to complete it in one go! 

Some recommendations: 

  • Use a computer and a mouse🖱️ – this is for your own convenience! 
  • Make sure you can fully focus on the Test for the 1,5 hours.
  • Don’t give up! 💪- there are no instructions on how to solve the tasks and this is done on purpose. 
  • Take your time and think everything through.
the Online Test at kood/Jõhvi
This is how the Online Test looks like – make sure to use a mouse when doing it!

Waiting for the results

After completing the Online Test you need to wait for your results. ⏳ The results are updated every Tuesday. 

After the results you a) get to pick your Selection Sprint dates; b) have a chance to re-do the Test. 

The Selection Sprint

The strongest applicants will be invited to an intense three-week (2 weeks on-site + 1 week remote) coding boot camp called the Selection Sprint. 🏃

In the 2022 application process, you can pick between three Selection Sprints: 

  • Selection Sprint I from 04.04.22 – 22.04.22
  • Selection Sprint II from 27.06.22 – 15.07.22
  • Selection Sprint III from 18.07.22 – 05.08.22.

You need to complete the Selection Sprint, to apply to kood/Jõhvi. After selecting your Sprint dates, you will be sent an e-mail with further instructions.

After the 3-week Selection Sprint, all of the students who are invited to be a part of the 2nd batch of students will be notified. They will start their studies at kood/Jõhvi from Autumn 2022. 

What is the Selection Sprint? Quick re-cap: 3-week full-time on-site test period (including weekends!), students working together on different assignments, fulfilling quests, exams, and teamwork exercises, learning coding through the 01Education System platform and Go programming language. 

Want to learn more about the Selection Sprint? Read the student experiences in our blog.

People with football
The 3-week Selection Sprint offers a lot more than just coding…

Starting school at kood/Jõhvi

From Autumn 2022, we will be accepting even more students. When talking about numbers, then about twice as much. 

The 2-year program at kood/Jõhvi enables students to achieve A-tier, 21st-century coding skills, and an education that guarantees a well-paid job upon graduation with one of our 30+ partners.

kood/Jõhvi program
A simple overview of the 2-year program at kood/Jõhvi

And what does the first batch of students look like? The background of our first batch of 215 students is diverse. Their average age is 27 but the oldest one was even 62 years of age! This shows us how age is just a number when you want to enter the world of tech! 

When talking about where our students have come from then the picture gets even more diverse! We have people from all over the world. 16 different nationalities are represented within the 215 students. It’s awesome to see how borders have no limits when it comes to searching for the most motivated and gifted people!

Students eating cake
The first batch of students and founders having a chat and eating cake during the first day of school

This year, we hope the picture gets even more diverse. Everyone is welcome to apply to kood/Jõhvi! 

👉 Apply now! 👈

Want to learn more? Head over to www.kood.tech 

If you have any questions, check out our KKK or write to info@kood.tech.