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Step into the shoes of your software developer,
the foundation of your digital transformation!

What's DevSprint?

DevSprint is a hands-on, engaging experience designed to bridge the gap between business executives and software developers.

Through a combination of coding challenges, team assignments, and in-depth discussions, it provides a unique opportunity for executives to gain a deeper understanding of the development challenges and aligning their business strategy with technical capabilities.

DevSprint is for executives who...

  • Want to know more about how software is created in their company
  • Struggle to communicate with tech teams
  • Want to help their development crew be more productive
  • Want to align their business and tech
  • Are curious and want to make a positive change

your potential

Gather a group consisting of 8 to 12 executives and
unleash the potential of your business

3 Days of Coding

You will start with a 3-day Coding Bootcamp full of hands-on coding and practical discussions.

3 days of on-site coding 

Remote individual work

Development Audit

Mapping your current situation and finding innovation blockers 

Remote teamwork

On-site Mini-Hackathon 

Interview with a Developer

Learning through asking the right questions for a deeper understanding of different stages of development.


On-site meeting where DevSprinters present their remote work results. Teams build a solution with no-code tools. The day ends with planning  changes.

Preparation month

Selection Sprint

The intense Selection Sprint will teach you as much as a year in university will.

18 month

Global curriculum

The 18 months of coding are the basis on which everything else is built on. After these 18 months you will be able to code in multiple coding languages.

6 month

Final specialization

Artificial intelligence, Video games, Blockchain, Cyber security & DevOps Mobile and web application development

New Experiences

DevSprint isn’t about turning you into a programmer.

It’s about providing an understanding of what the job is about. It’s about feeling similar challenges and victories on a smaller scale. By learning even a little bit of code, you’ll learn a lot about your developers. Gain an understanding of coding basics while constantly reflecting on their broader context!

Imagine if you had...

More insight into the mindset of a software developer

Improved ability to communicate with tech teams

A greater understanding of the software development process

Less miscommunication between tech and business

Lower employee turnover due to increased team engagement

Improved ability to adapt to changing market conditions and respond to new opportunities

More knowledge of how different departments in your Company handle tech challenges

A fun, engaging, and productive getaway to gorgeous Ida-Virumaa!

All of the above is just a chat away!

Hundreds of lines of code have already been written

by top professionals from companies such as: