The last day of the Selection Sprint

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Right now students are finishing their last tasks and after that comes the hardest part – the wait for results! 📟

It was an amazing 3 weeks yet again for that thanks to everyone who took part. 🎉 We learned a lot from you and we hope you did so as well. 3 weeks of Sprint = 1 year of University coding-skills wise. 🧑‍💻Crazy to think so but the students handled the pressure really well!

Founders Rainer and Marek having a talk with current and future students

During the 3 weeks coding wasn’t the key – students had different events, talks and did a lot of activities on their own initiative. Overall a very balanced time from which we hope everyone left with great emotions! ❤️

Want to take a part in the adventure? 💪 Apply now and take part in one of the next Selection Sprints in the Summer!

The grind is on!